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Andrea VianelloWelcome to the personal website of Dr Andrea Vianello, archaeologist specialised in Aegean and Mediterranean archaeology. You can find here some information on my past and current academic activities, and a few papers. I am the subject reviewer in archaeology for Intute at the University of Oxford, where you can find a lot of my Internet-related work, including a splendid catalogue of useful websites, podcasts, virtual training suite (VTS, also available to download), and a blog (list of posts). I started a new blog for occasional extended comments on a variety of topics. The two venues may merge, but the aims are different (one is part of Intute and edited accordingly and the other is for personal comments). Please check the blog for the latest news.

I am currently involved in a field project in Sicily (hint: see photo), focusing on prehistoric material evidence (museum based work). It is a multi-disciplinary collaborative research project. Occasional updates can be found on the blog, a paper has now been published. I have presented at the UISPP congress in Burgos, Spain, and at the EAA in Istanbul, Turkey, in September 2014, at the AIA in New Orleans, in early January 2015, and a poster at the 20th meeting of DEGUWA, in Germany.

I am co-organising a new session on science and archaeology, to be held at the EAA in Glasgow, September 2015. Here are the abstract and leaflet (Word file).

Many papers are available in this website, please check the Conferences (for unpublished) and Publications (for published) papers. Students and colleagues are welcome to contact me requesting any particular paper not available in the public website.

You can find my two most recent (2012 and 2013) presentations at the EAA in the conferences section. The 2012 presentation is entitled Funerary Consumption and Symbolism of Exotica in Mycenaean Greece. The 2013 one is entitled Entangled Aegean-type wares.

Check out my page at Amazon. Please note, I do not favour any particular bookshop or market seller. My works can be purchased in most bookshops, online and on the high streets.

An edited book entitled Exotica in the Prehistoric Mediterranean has been published by Oxbow Books. The book contains several peer-reviewed papers and some colour pictures too. A dictionary of archaeology terms English-Italian-English is also done. Rivers in prehistory will be my fourth book, currently in its final stages.

I maintain an updated version of the Gazetteer, originally published in Late Bronze Age Mycenaean and Italic Products in the West Mediterranean. A Social and Economic Analysis. The Gazetteer is useful even if you are interested in the topic and have not seen the book yet.

My initial website is now archived and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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